Drop Jen a line if you come across sites she should check out.

Another Girl At Play
Found this through a link and a link and a link.  It's about creative women making things happen.  Lots of good information.  You'll find artists, writers, links to other creative sites and more.

Blank Children's Hospital - Happy Bear Program
The Happy Bear program is an educational tool that teaches young children how to recognize and resist sexual abuse.  There's a wealth of helpful information for parents at this website.  Plus, if you click on their "coloring pages" link, you'll be able to print out the coloring book I illustrated for them.

Chocolaterie Stam
Fine European chocolate since 1913...mmmm.  What's a better word than delicious?  Hmmm.  Even scrumptious doesn't adequately describe these divine chocolates available only in Holland and Iowa.

The Des Moines Playhouse
We are blessed to have such great talent right here in Des Moines, Iowa.  Productions on both stages, their mainstage and Kate Goldman's Children's Theatre, are truly wonderful.

Festival of Trees & Lights
A benefit for Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines and one of my favorite charities.

A source for everything from a kaleidoscope artist to painters and more, all right here in Iowa.

My website devoted to the most childish of endeavors.  If it's not done when you get there, it will be soon.

Lost Soul Companion
An artist community, art market and a whole lot more.

LITE 104.1
One of my favorite radio stations as well as one of my biggest supporters over the years.  Thanks to the folks who work at LITE 104.1 as well as all you Lite Listeners.

Metro Arts Alliance of Greater Des Moines
With the goal of connecting artists to the community and the community to artists and the arts, these folks have their work cut out for them.

An abundance of great Minnesota artists on this site.  If you're interested in landscapes, be sure to check out my brother-in-law, Scott Anderson.  He does beautiful "oil paintings outdoors."  The easiest way to get to his work is do a search on the site for Scott Anderson.

This website is great fun for all -- moms, kids and artists alike.  Be sure to check out the kidszone, you'll find some of my coloring pages there.

STAR 102.5
Another great radio station that I've partnered with on a number of projects.  Great website.  Great music.

These are just a few of Jen's favorite spots.  Be sure to let her know of any websites that you'd recommend.  She'd love to take a look and possibly add them to her list.

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