Dragonfly, am I
©2003 Jennifer Mally

In a dream
I was skimming across
the top of the lake,
cool mist on my cheeks
and tickling my toes.
Morning had touched
the skies and I
was as much a part of
the dawning day as the
sun that yawned and stretched
and the clouds that whispered by,
the fish that spied a meal
and the loon who called her young.

I speed over mirrored waters
with a grace all my own.
I am the wind embodied
in a slender, delicate frame.
I am the very essence of strength,
yet so close to nothingness,
I am hardly here.

When I alight upon a friendly dock
to warm myself and say hello,
I wake to find my lacy wings
have gone as has the night.
And I am simply me
with a dreamy memory
of being truly free.

for Mom and Dad
by Jennifer Hedberg Mally
July 2003

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