Consider Jennifer Mally's notes a kind of blog in slow motion.  "It's not moment to moment commentary.  It's not always current, and it's not always colorful.  That pretty much describes me," says Jen, "but you might relate."

by Jennifer Mally

If you've ever been head butted by a 2-year-old, then you know just how really hard their little heads are.  When Greta's head and my nose collided a few months ago, we learned in a few painful, eventful moments, just what kind of damage her little head could inflict.  It was the loud crunching sound that gave it away…followed by the gush of blood…followed by a wheezing and not-quite-hysterical mommy rushing to the kitchen for a towel and ice.

Lying on the cool ceramic tile floor with a bloody towel to my nose and tears streaming down the sides of my face, I felt Greta's gentle touch on my arm.  She said, "It's okay Mommy.  It's okay."

That's how my summer began.  And you know what?  It was okay.  I ended up having nasal surgery, the details of which you do not want to know.  My nose is just dandy and my heart is forever marked by my daughter's gentle touch and her words of reassurance.

Greta has come to call any kind of caress, whether it be petting the dog or rubbing her daddy's shoulders, "softing."  I like that.  "Softing."  That's what she does for us.  She takes the hard edge off and makes our lives and our landings from some stressful bouts

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