Consider Jennifer Mally's notes a kind of blog in slow motion.  "It's not moment to moment commentary.  It's not always current, and it's not always colorful.  That pretty much describes me," says Jen, "but you might relate."

Things You Knew When You Were A Baby But May Have Forgotten
by Jennifer Mally

1.  Everybody should have a favorite blanket.
2.  Fingers and toes are works of art.
3.  Sometimes you should scream just because you can.
4.  Sometimes you just need to roll around on the floor and look at the ceiling.
5.  Never take your next meal for granted.
6.  Every person you meet deserves to be treated with your smile.
7.  It doesn't matter what your hair looks like, or even if you don't have any, you're still cute.
8.  Music is essential to your well being.
9.  Naps work wonders.
10. Days are better if they're filled with things that sparkle.

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