Consider Jennifer Mally's notes a kind of blog in slow motion.  "It's not moment to moment commentary.  It's not always current, and it's not always colorful.  That pretty much describes me," says Jen, "but you might relate."

Welcome to
by Jennifer Mally

I'd rather be painting.

There's nothing like starting up a new web site to make you realize just how many cobwebs you've got floating around upstairs.  I thought our dusty old house was bad.  These dusty old brains of mine could use some major spring cleaning.

This cyber world brings with it a whole new set of rules.  It really is like walking around in another dimension.  A click here takes you there, and a click there takes you on your way to just about anywhere.  It's amazing and frightening all at the same time.  After all, I thought Pong was pretty neat, and come to think of it, I grew up having to physically stand up and walk over to the television to change the channel.  I even think I might have been the last person on earth, or at least in the United States, to get a bankcard for the infamous "money machine."

I have to admit I've been a bit techno phobic.  Quite simply, I'd rather be painting.

But sooner or later I knew the inevitable would come, and I ultimately found myself joining the 21st century.  I could no longer deny that the absolute best way for me to offer my cards to as many people as possible in the most cost-effective way possible was to go online.

I owe some thanks to a few very good people at Des Moines Radio Group who I've worked with over the past year.  It's nice to have people who believe in you.  And it was at their subtle urging that the teensy little spark of creating a web site turned into a full-burning flame.

Sometimes you need a little nudge before you can take the jump.

Welcome to  It's nice to have you.

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